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The SU-12 (another designation: SU-1-12) is a Soviet self-propelled gun on a wheeled chassis from the interwar period and World War II. The first copies of this vehicle appeared in 1935. They probably served in the line until 1941. Approximately 250-300 vehicles of this type were produced in the course of serial production. The car was powered by a single 50 HP engine. The armament consisted of a single 76.2 mm wz.27 regimental gun.

The first attempts to create a self-propelled gun on a wheeled chassis took place in the USSR as early as 1932, when a 76.2 mm gun was installed on the chassis of an imported Moreland 6x4 truck, creating the SUM gun. However, the new weapon turned out to be way too expensive due to the necessity to purchase the chassis from abroad. When the production of the GAZ-AAA cars started in 1935, it was decided to use the chassis for the assembly of the gun. Therefore, the rear part of the car was strengthened, a lightly armored superstructure was added to create the SU-12. The vehicles, however, had poor off-road properties, terrible resistance to enemy fire and limited fire efficiency. Despite these drawbacks, they were used in combat in the war with Japan (1938-1939) and during the aggression against Poland (1939) and in the winter war with Finland (1939-1940).

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