Unimodels 306 T-70M Soviet Light Tank

T-70M Soviet Light Tank - Image 1
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The T-70 is a Soviet light tank from the Second World War. The first prototypes of this vehicle were built in 1941-1942, and serial production lasted from 1942 to 1943. About 8,250 vehicles of this type were created in its course. The weight of the tank in the basic version was up to 9.2 tons. In the basic version, the drive was provided by two GAZ-202 engines with a capacity of 70 HP each. The armament of the vehicle consisted of a 45 mm 20K wz.1938 gun and 1 DT 7.62 mm machine gun.

The T-70 light tank was developed as, in essence, a far-reaching modification of the T-60. The new vehicle mainly uses a completely new power unit, slightly lengthened the hull and the suspension of the tank was interfered with. The T-70 also had a new turret and improved armor. Cars of this type were manufactured mainly in plants located in the cities of Gorki, Kirowa and Sverdlovsk. One major modernization of the T-70 vehicle, designated as the T-70M, was completed. It was characterized by an improved chassis, the use of new tracks and the use of a larger number and better quality battlefield observation devices for the driver-mechanic and the vehicle commander. It is worth noting that the successful SU-76 and SU-76M self-propelled guns were created on the T-70 chassis.

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Lisätty luetteloon: 3.3.2006
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