A-Model 72267 Soviet aerobatic aircraft Sukhoi SU-26

Soviet aerobatic aircraft Sukhoi SU-26 - Image 1
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Valmistaja: A-Model
Tuotekoodi: AMO-72267
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Tuotteen koodiAMO-72267
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The Sukhoi Su-26 is a modern Russian aerobatic aerobatic plane with a fixed landing gear in the mid-wing configuration. The drive was provided - in the first versions - by a single radial engine Vienna M-14R with 364 hp. The prototype flight took place in 1984. Serial production was carried out in 1984-1986, which led to the creation of about 70 examples of this aircraft.

The Su-26 was developed at the Sukhoja design bureau in cooperation with the Moscow Aviation Institute. It was developed as a new aerobatic machine to replace the Yak-50 in this role. The new machine was made almost entirely of composite materials, it was also smaller and more maneuverable than its predecessor. At the same time, it was characterized by a simple structure, relatively low production and operating costs, and longer service life than the Yak-50. The quality of the machine can be proved by its numerous successes in the international world championships in aviation acrobatics, as well as its considerable modernization potential. A small number of these aircraft were exported to the USA and Switzerland.

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Lisätty luetteloon: 4.7.2014
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