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The BZ-38 was a Soviet mobile tanker from the interwar period and World War II. A car of this type was developed in the late 1930s and entered production in 1938. The drive was provided by a single 4-cylinder engine with a capacity of 3.3 l and 50 HP. The maximum speed was up to 65 km / h, and the capacity of the fuel tank was 1,350 liters.

The BZ-38 was developed as the main tanker to be used primarily in aviation regiments of the Soviet armed forces. It was also assumed that the vehicle would be able to perform its tasks at field airfields, serving especially fighter planes and light reconnaissance machines. In order to shorten the research and development work, the design of the BZ-38 was based on the chassis and suspension of the GAZ-AAA truck. It is worth adding that before the outbreak of World War II, the BZ-38 was one of the most numerous mobile tanks in the Soviet military aviation. In the course of this conflict (exactly in 1942) a simplified version of the car was created, designated BZ-38U.

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