IBG 72031 Otter Light Reconnaisance Car

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The Otter was a Canadian light armored car from the Second World War. The first prototypes were made in 1941, and serial production continued in the years 1942-1945, ending with the production of about 1750 copies of this vehicle. The drive was provided by a single engine GMC power of 106 hp. The armament of the car consisted of one Boys anti-tank rifle and one 7.7 mm Bren machine gun.

The Otter was developed in general design assumptions on the basis of the British armored car Humber Mk. III LRC, but it used many components of the Chevrolet C15 military truck produced in Canada. The Otter was simple in design, easy to use, and was generally mechanically reliable. While its off-road performance and mobility were excellent, it can nevertheless be considered acceptable. The great advantage of the car was also the ease of mass production. Two versions of this vehicle were created in its course: Mark I (without a turret) and Mark II (with a turret). Armored cars of this type were used by Canadian troops fighting in Italy in 1943-1945 and in Normandy, northern France and western Germany in 1944-1945. Few Otter cars also found their way to British and South African units.

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