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NEW! Red Box 72128 Moscow Noble Cavalry. 16 cent . (Siege of Pskov) Set 2

Moscow  Noble Cavalry. 16 cent . (Siege of Pskov) Set 2 - Image 1
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ValmistajaRed Box
Tuotteen koodiRBX72128
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In the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries, in the military of Muscovy, and later in Russia (from the first half of the 16th century, cavalry played an enormous role - and this may be a decisive factor - while the core of this cavalry - from the 15th century - was pomiestna cavalry, rarely called boyar cavalry. take into account the method of appointing this post-cavalry, it can be said that it was a Moscow / Russian popular movement, composed mainly of representatives of the Russian minor and middle nobility.Details of the method of appointment were established by Tsar Ivan IV the Terrible around 1555. Including more or less during the time, service in the pomiestna cavalry became obligatory and hereditary. She was "dissolved" into homes, thus the level of her training was not particularly high. It is worth adding that this cavalry was organized on the basis of recruitment districts called razriads and was formed into regiments and sotas. The armament of the pomiest cavalry was very diverse in the 15th-17th centuries, because each soldier equipped himself. Chain mails and yushmans were used as defensive weapons, but there were also lamellar or linen armor. Various types of helmets were used on a large scale. As an offensive weapon, a saber was used (very often with an open hilt), but also a wide range of blunt and wheel weapons. Reflex bows were also used on a large scale, and from the 16th century - also firearms. It is worth adding that pomiestna cavalry gave way to Polish cavalry (especially hussars), as evidenced by the battle of Kluszyn in 1610 or Po³onka in 1660.

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Lisätty luetteloon: 20.1.2023
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