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NEW! Royal Model di R. Reale 1079 Mauser K98 Rifle (3D-printed)

Mauser K98 Rifle (3D-printed) - Image 1
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Tuotekoodi: RLM1079
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ValmistajaRoyal Model di R. Reale
Tuotteen koodiRLM1079
Paino0.01 kg
Lisätty luetteloon:5.4.2024
TunnisteetGerman-Karabiner-98k German-World-War-II-Infantry

Item produced in resin.

High resolution 3D printed.

The 98k carbine (other designations: Kar98k or K98k) is a German 7.92 mm bolt-action rifle from the interwar period and World War II. The first prototypes of this weapon were created in the 1920s, but serial production for the German army began in 1935 and lasted until 1945. Over 11 million were created in its course. pieces of this weapon! The initial velocity of the projectile fired from this rifle was up to 1100 m / s. The total length of the Kar98k is approx. 111 cm, and the weight of the unloaded weapon slightly exceeded 4 kg.

The 98k rifle was developed at the Mauser-Werke factory, in fact based on the Gewehr 98 rifle, which was used by the German army in 1898! The main aim of the new rifle was to shorten its length, and in particular to shorten the barrel, which would improve the ergonomics of its use. At the same time, the magazine feeder was also improved. Interestingly, the rifle was initially produced for export, and its production for the German Wehrmacht began only in 1935. It quickly became the basic repeating rifle of the German army and remained in this role until the end of World War II. It is worth adding that during the war its design was systematically simplified, which, however, did not significantly affect its ballistic properties. The rifle 98k has earned a reputation as a solid, reliable and accurate, but generating considerable recoil, which could have unpleasant consequences for a poorly trained shooter.

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Lisätty luetteloon: 5.4.2024
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