Italeri 3815 Ducati Racing Team with Bike

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Asteikko: 1:24
Valmistaja: Italeri
Tuotekoodi: ita3815
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Viimeksi käytetty: 4.10.2013
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Tuotteen koodiita3815
Paino2.15 kg
Koko72,6 cm
Lisätty luetteloon:30.10.2004
TunnisteetMercedes-Benz-Actros Ducati-Desmosedici

The Ducati Desmosedici is a series of Italian prototype racing bikes. The first copy of this series was presented to the public in 2003. Production of the models in this series began at the same time and is still ongoing.

The Desmosedici series was created in connection with the change in the regulations of motorcycle racing in the 500 class, which since 2002 allowed the start of machines with four-stroke engines, i.e. those in which Ducati specialized. The basis for the development of the new 4-cylinder engine was a combination of two V2 engines, which used a desmodronic timing gear. The engine constructed in this way was used in the new motorcycle, which, however, was based on many technical solutions used in the earlier models of the brand and the extensive experience of Ducati. In total, more than 10 development versions of Ducati Desmosedici were created, the markings of which were related to the season in which they competed (e.g. GP3 or GP12), and the technical characteristics were adjusted each time to changes in the regulations of the GP series races. It is worth adding that in the years 2007-2008 a road-approved version called Ducati Desmosedici RR was produced with an engine power of 197 HP and capable of acceleration up to 303 km / h.

The Mercedes-Benz Actros is a German truck and tractor unit that was first presented to the public in 1996. Serial production started in the same year and is still going on. It was concentrated mainly in the factory in the city of With am Rhein in Lanada Rhineland-Palatinate in western Germany. Incidentally, it can be added that the factory is now considered to be the largest truck assembly plant in Europe! The Mercedes-Benz Actros made its debut on the commercial market in 1996, quickly winning it with a hit and four times (in 1997, 2004, 2009 and 2012) winning the prestigious title of "International Truck of the Year". Until 2003, the first generation of this successful truck was produced, and in 2011, the second generation, designated as MP4, entered production. Mercedes-Benz Actros with 6- and 8-cylinder engines with maximum power from 320 HP to 600 HP. Apart from the fact that they are characterized by a high work culture, they also meet the high emission standards Euro 5 and Euro 6. Moreover, the Actros model provides the driver with high driving safety by installing, among other things, the ABS system or a broken steering column. Moreover, it can optionally be fitted with a driver's airbag and an ESP system.

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Lisätty luetteloon: 30.10.2004
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