Heller 80384 Boeing C135 FR

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Tuotteen koodihlr80384
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Lisätty luetteloon:30.10.2004
In November 1953, the Strategic Air Command Commander, General Curtis LeMay, announced his intention to purchase jet tankers. A competition was announced, in which the companies Boeing (two proposals based on Boeing 367-80), Douglas and Lockheed joined. In the first half of 1954, Boeing was already finishing the construction of the prototype, while the rest of the companies were far behind their designs. After the Boeing 367-80 flight, General Curtis LeMay recommended the purchase of the Boeing tanker, treating it as a temporary solution, and after the competition was settled, start purchasing the target machine. It was a move that did not formally interfere with the ongoing competition, but clearly favored Boeing. For it was clear that if even a small number of aircraft were put into service, the simultaneous purchase of the second type would be difficult to justify before Congress and would eventually be rejected. In fact, it was so, because in October 1954 Lockheed was announced the winner of the competition. At the same time, however, to fill the gap, until the new Lockheed machines were put into service, a decision was made to purchase 29 Boeing tankers. In practice, this meant the entry of the Boeing KC-135A aircraft into service in the SAC. Later, when KC-135A deliveries to the Air Force began, the Lockheed project was completely abandoned and was never completed. The first KC-135A was completed on July 18, 1956. The flight was carried out on August 31, 1956. The first KC-135A was sent to various experimental units, where tactical and operational tests were carried out. More planes went to the operational units. The tanker production was in line with the production pace of the B-52 Startofortress bomber. The last 732 KC-135A was flown on December 31, 1964. In addition to the above-mentioned aircraft, 88 machines of other types were also built: 17 KC-135B, 4 RC-135A and 10 RC-135B, 45 C-135 transport aircraft and 12 C-135F aircraft (KC -135A in export variant for France). On this (810 copies), the production of the C-135 of all varieties ended, and all other varieties were the result of subsequent conversions and remakes. Technical data: Maximum speed: 933 km / h, speed of climb: 24.8 m / s, maximum ceiling 15200 m, maximum range: 17 766 km.
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Lisätty luetteloon: 30.10.2004
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