Hat 9001 American Civil War Zouaves.

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Asteikko: 1:32
Valmistaja: Hat
Tuotekoodi: HAT9001
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The American Civic War (1861-1865) was fought between the United States of America (USA), called the Union during this war, and the Confederate States of America (CSA), commonly known as Confederation. The main cause of the outbreak of the war, among many others, also of considerable importance, was the announcement of the Confederation's secession (secession) from the Union. Of course, both in the North and in the South, when the war broke out, the army was being built. In the case of the Union, the key military formation was the infantry, and seven regiments of zouvaes made up of volunteers were formed throughout the war. It is worth adding that in the South this type of light infantry was also formed, but they were formed into independent companies, not full regiments. It should also be remembered that units of this type were a kind of novelty in the American armed forces and were not formed before 1861. The main armament of the federal army's zouaves was similar to that of regular infantry - it was a rifled rifle, most often made by Springfield, 14.73 mm caliber. However, they were distinguished by a uniform that was much more colorful than the regular one. It is worth adding that the ¯uaw regiments often showed a good standing on the battlefield, to mention the actions of the 114th Pennsylvania Regiment in the Battle of Fredericksburg in 1862.

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