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AK-Interactive 1553 AK 1553 4BO RUSSIAN GREEN SET

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Producer: AK-Interactive
Product code: AK-Interactive 1553
Added to catalogue: 31.3.2014
: 17ml

Zestaw zawiera 4 kolory niezbędne do malowania pojazdów w kamuflażu rosyjskiej zieleni za pomocą techniki modulacji koloru oraz 2 kolory do kamuflażu typu 6K oraz 7K. 

Zastaw zawiera:

  • AK-029
  • AK-031
  • Ak-032
  • AK-033
  • AK-747
  • AK-748

Specially designed for painting Wargame models and containing a wide range of real colours, with our standard formula with the finest pigments for brush and airbrush. These colours are our special and exclusive range with “scale reduction factor” for small tanks.
The complete range of colours has been studied by historians and the most renowned Wargame painters. The boxes contain on the back a step by step sequence on how to use these paints.
You can get these colours in sets, in small blisters, or separately

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