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The Aichi E13A is a Japanese, single-engine, long-range, two-float reconnaissance seaplane with a crew of 3, from the Second World War. The first test flight of the prototype took place in 1940, and a year later the machine entered line service. The E13A underwent its baptism of fire in China, where it operated with cruisers and other heavy ships as a light bomber. He took part in the attack on Pearl Harbor and during the battles in the Coral Sea and the Midway. There were several versions of the main version of the E13A, but all of them had the same Mitsubishi Kinsei 43 engine with 1080 HP. Although the machine was made at Aichi, the lion's share of serial production was carried out at Watanabe's plants in Kyushu. Technical data: length: 11.3 m, wingspan: 14.5 m, height: 4.7 m, maximum speed: 375 km / h, speed of climb: 8.2 m / s, maximum range: 2100 km, maximum ceiling 8700 m, armament: permanent - 1 machine gun Type 92, caliber 7.7 mm, underslung - up to 250 kg of bombs.

The models are digitally printed - some adhesives can dissolve the ink! 

Paint in digital printing can be dissolved by certain types of adhesives like butaprene and similar on the same solvents. Before bonding, it is advisable to try the adhesive used on a barely visible part of the model.

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