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Vallejo 62062 62062 Matt Varnish

Price €5.80
or 3800 pts.
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Producer: Vallejo
Product code: Vallejo 62062
Last available: 18.1.2020
Added to catalogue: 11.7.2016
: 60ml

AV PREMIUM is a safe water-based, non toxic and highly versatile airbrush ready paint, suitable for all surfaces, but especially formulated for superior adhesion to metals, fibreglass, polyethylene, clear Lexanª polycarbonate, slot car and RC bodies, and all tuning and automotive applications.

On some of these surfaces we recommend a basecoat of the Polyurethane Primer (62.061) for best results. Premium colors are flexible and exceptionally durable and permit prolonged exposure to weather without fading or losing their brilliance.

Premium colors have been formulated with micronized, permanent pigments and an extremely resistant, exterior grade hybrid resin-polyurethane base, which withstands impacts, resists chipping and cracking, as well as direct exposure to heat and outdoor elements without cracking or fading, and is fuel residue proof up to a least 35% Nitro.

AV Premium colors have superior flow, they are self-levelling and brush on with exceptional ease. For airbrushing, the colors can be used directly from the bottle when using a nozzle size 0,3. For the metallic colors some dilution might be necessary, and for smaller nozzles (O.2mm or less) the use of the Reducer (62.066) may be required. The recommended compressor setting is 30-60psi (2-4 bar).

The range consists of 20 bright opaque colors, 23 dazzling metallics and fluorescents, and 9 shimmering transparent Candy Colors. All colors are as suitable for detail work as for covering large surfaces and can be applied by brush as well as by airbrush.

The range is complete with 8 auxiliary products including the Transparent Basecoat and the Reducer, Primer, Varnishes and Drying Retarder. For a automotive refinishing and as an extra protective final coating, we recommend a catalyzed urethane clear varnish (spray can or airbrush).

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