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The discount points program

How does it work?

For every €4.03 spent in our shop, You receive 100 points which You can use to pay for goods in further orders.
The program is available only for customers who created account on our webpage. If You don't have account and want to create it You can do it here.
To read detailed regulations of the program, click here, if You don't like reading long regulations, remember three most important things:
  1. You have to create account and be logged on while putting an order, otherwise our system won't know who should receive the points
  2. Points are available after the order is realised by us, not just after it is placed
  3. Points can be used in the next order, not in the one they are received.

  4. To buy goods using the points, You have to log in, and add items to the shopping cart using the 'buy for points' button.