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Entering for example 31 at the 'Days back' field You will get the list of items that were recently unavailable but appeared in the deliveries during the selected time period. Selecting additionally 'only news' re-stocking will disappear and You will see only news that were not available in our pffer before the selected time period.
By NEW! we are marking news on the market, and by NEW! we are marking news in our offer, which may not exactly be new on the market.


BUGATTI T.50 - niekompletny! / incomplete!

only €12.46 €14.17 -12%
or 9200 pts.

Quickbuild Lamborghini Avantador - Niekompletny/Incomplete

Scale n/a
only €9.34 €13.37 -30%
or 8700 pts.

Heller BUGATTI T.50 - niekompletny! / incomplete!

Product code: Heller 80706-REKLAMACJA

Uwaga model uszkodzony!

Caution model damaged!

missing parts, please look at the first picture!

brakujące części zaznaczono na pierwszym zdjęciu!

Price only €12.46 €14.17 -12% or 9200 pts.
Availability: in stock!

Italeri Fiat 500 (2007) - uszkodzony! / damaged!

Product code: Italeri 3647-REKLAMACJA

Uwaga model uszkodzony!

Caution model damaged!

Price €19.25 or 12500 pts.
Availability: in stock!

NEW! Król Jan III Sobieski 1683 (King John III Sobieski, Vienna 1683) - brakujące części / missing parts

Product code: Adalbertus 25003-REKLAMACJA

Missing parts: hand with scepter and figure of a bird - please, look at the first picture!

Brakujące części (ręka z berłem oraz figurka ptaka) widoczne na pierwszym zdjęciu!

Price €19.77 or 12900 pts.
Availability: in stock!

Airfix Quickbuild Lamborghini Avantador - Niekompletny/Incomplete

Product code: Airfix J6007-reklamacja

Uwaga model niekompletny!

Caution model incomplete!

Not included frame "L"

Nie zawiera ramki "L"

Price only €9.34 €13.37 -30% or 8700 pts.
Availability: in stock!